Hellmut Monz, PhD, can play many roles: designer, researcher, philosopher, artist, and joker.

They taught the theory and practice of digital design and media art at undergraduate and postgraduate level across the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, ranked among the World’s leading Design Universities. There, they also undertook their doctoral research that investigated the physical, metaphysical, and pataphysical dimensions of digitising the unconscious game of psychophysiological play.

Their art has been published in some of the most prestigious new media venues including Ars Electronica and South by Southwest.

As a design researcher, they contributed to and conducted research at institutions like the Handheld Augmented Reality Lab, Austria, or the Exertion Games Lab, Australia.

As a designer practitioner, they collected over ten years of experience working for clients such as New York-based creative company Brand New School and Berlin-based creative boutique Rainbow Unicorn.

With a fascination for the word, they translate significant works of pre-Socratic Greek and post-Socratic French philosophy into English to contextualise them through contemporary means of communication.

Besides working on the release of several major projects, Monz started weaving the unforgettable word of Heraclitus and Parmenides, the Western founders of logic, into a philosophical video game. It aims at rendering the old anew without repetition in order to contribute to the art of logic in the digital period.

> Doctor of Philosophy in Digital Errance
> Author of the novel The Game of Confusion
> Designer of the game The Game of Confusion
> Author of the philosophical study On Physique
> Translator of The Play of the World
> Director of The Construction of Anstalt 3000


Hellmut Monz, PhD

> E-mail: hellmut [at] m-o [period] nz
> Instagram: Hellmut_Monz
> Twitter: @Hellmut_Monz
> Facebook: @Hellmut.Monz
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Currently based in:
> Vienna, Austria
> Marseille, France
> New York, United States
> Melbourne, Australia
> Berlin, Germany

Permanently based in:
> Cosmopolis, Universe