About Hellmut Monz

Hellmut "Helmet" Monz is a Digital Philosopher and Senior Lecturer at RMIT University in Digital Design (Animation, Games, Interaction). As an award-winning educator and philosophical practitioner, he has been recognized for bridging the realms of digital art, design and ancient wisdom. Born in Germany and raised in Austria, Hellmut ventured to Australia and Asia to find himself. But instead of himself, he stumbled upon the digit that unlocks the philosophical universe.

As a Doctor of Philosophy in Media and Communication, Hellmut made an explosive entry into the world of philosophy. He co-translated The Game of the World, a seminal work of French philosophy by Axelos Kostas, published in 2023 by Edinburgh University Press, marking a significant contribution to contemporary philosophical discourse. He made his literary debut by publishing a hexalogy, “Hellmut Monz and Philosophia’s Scream.” His books include titles such as The Game of Confusion, The Key to Philosophy, The Best Joke Ever! Super Fun Philosophy, and What Is This? Philosophy 101, re-animating the wisdom of ancient philosophers with a modern twist, inviting readers into a world where philosophy meets digital innovation.

Hellmut aims to liberate philosophy through the 'wisdom of love,' crafting transformational experiences for those seeking clarity and depth in the digital period.

Hellmut’s life is rich in unique experiences, from witnessing the disappearance of a fly into his father’s nose to surviving a lightning strike inside a car, shaping his view of life and philosophy. Currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City since 2019, he continues to explore and expand the boundaries of digital philosophy.

Hellmut Monz
Portrait of Hellmut Monz in 2024 © Hellmut Monz


Dr Hellmut "Helmet" Monz