Terms & conditions

Terms and Conditions in progress

  1. Virtual Visa to Philosophical Universe: This website may occasionally serve as a portal to the philosophical universe. While every click might bring enlightenment, we do not guarantee the stability of the digital path nor the availability of philosophical bandwidth.
  2. Non-Existential Refunds: In the unlikely event that your digital philosophical journey with us fails to free your mind—or if it overly complicates your understanding of basic reality—we regret to inform you that refunds are as non-existent.
  3. Limitation of Sophistry: While we admire Hellmut's dedication to sophistry, we must clarify that any sophistical arguments presented as facts are subject to whims, paradoxes, and the occasional logical fallacy. Employ such information at your own risk.
  4. Jurisdiction of the Mind: Any disputes arising from your use of this site will be settled in the only court that truly matters: the court of philosophical debate. Be prepared to argue your case with reason, wit, and possibly, a digital avatar of Hellmut himself.
  5. Terms of Terms: These terms are as fluid as the digital philosophy they are inspired by. They may be updated, rephrased, contradicted, or nullified at any time, without notice—as is the way of true sophistry.