There is no way past the founders of logic. However, their word can be – and must be – an impassable first step on the path towards wisdom. Every novice and doctor of philosophy has to understand this point soundly. Soundness is the cheat code that unlocks the open door to reality.

This work is a playthrough of the most confusing word game of philosophy: On Physique by Heraclitus, who is also known as the dark riddler. The Heraclitean obscurity could not be more brilliant.

As a companion to The Game of Confusion, this book awaits publication.

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Creator: Hellmut Monz
Year: Forthcoming
Genre: Philosophical Study


For millennia, Heraclitus, the dark riddler of Ancient Greece, has been clearly confusing the most brilliant brains with the legendary keyword logos, the word for ‘word’. While many claim fame to have found the key, could their wordplay have played them all?

Spoiler alert: Dear friend of wisdom, cover your ear if the fitting answer should not syringe it. For a change, these words let the unhidden logos speak for itself to remember the unforgettable login pin that fits all Heraclitean riddles without disagreement. For sound thinking, this fitting keynote decrypts all effortlessly, while it swindles cryptical thinking. The obscurity is not due to Heraclitus’ unclarity. Despite popular philosophy believing the unstable thinker to weep, this glorious hero knows how to stand surefooted on dry feet. As it stands, Heraclitus confuses due to being too clear. There is neither a riddle nor darkness at all. The player that uses energy to unriddle generates the mystery. Sound thinking must understand a stable stance.

To contribute to the art of logic, the words of this work point out that the unapparent harmony of its Western foundation is sound.


On Physique writes for those lovers of philosophy that want to understand one of the most mysterious philosophers: Heraclitus, the dark riddler. But to solidly understand the wisdom of this sage, one must dare to spin the point of every sentence into a question mark until a full stop is pinned to be soundly agreed upon. With all its apparent disagreements, the history of philosophy cannot help with that. Only its solid foundation can. Philosopher Hellmut Monz translates the Ancient Greek fragments of Heraclitus to log sound agreement. The standpoint of Heraclitus even fits Parmenides, allegedly his greatest opponent, in a sense that they could not agree more. Their relationship fits their message: friendship. This book is a provoking read for those interested in the foundation of Western logic.